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400w Blue Ice 5500K Metal Halide Lamp (Universal Burn)

400w Blue Ice 5500K Metal Halide Lamp (Universal Burn)

Brand: Sunmaster
Part Number: SM400CU6


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Sunmaster High Grade, High Vegetation Universal Lamp.

Manufacurer's Code: SM.400W.COOL

Initial Lumens: 30,000

Sunmaster lamps are tailored to promote optimum development at each plant growth stage. This Blue Ice lamp has enhanced blue light for maximum vegetative growth.

Glass envelope clear.

SUNMASTER Blue Ice Grow Lamps emit light from 5500° to 6000° Kelvin, imitating the natural look of daylight. They are an ideal light source for the seedling and vegetative stages of plant growth, while still emitting a wide spectral distribution.

  • Designed for optimal performance on electronic ballasts
  • Maximum blue for seedling and vegetative growth
  • Sufficient orange-red for stem elongation and flowering
  • Ideal lamp for display purposes
  • Imitates daylight
  • Balanced spectral output
  • Long life

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