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400w Green Harvest 4000K Conversion Lamp (Universal Burn)

400w Green Harvest 4000K Conversion Lamp (Universal Burn)

Brand: Sunmaster
Part Number: SMC400US


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400 Watt Sunmaster Green Harvest 4000K Metal Halide Conversion Lamp. A Metal Halide Lamp you can burn in a High Pressure Sodium Ballast. May be burned in any position.

Manufacture Code: LM.400W.U28.4.0K

Initial Lumens: 36,000

Small 37 glass envelope.

SUNMASTER Green Harvest Grow Lamps emit balanced light similar to a 4000° Kelvin source, imitating the natural white look of sunlight. They are ideal single lamp sources for practically all phases of plant growth.

SUNMASTER Green Harvest Metal Halide Lamps are effective in promoting both vegetative growth and flowering. They surpass many other HID sources in PAR watts - the most objective measurement of total light energy available for photosynthesis.

  • Designed for optimal performance on electronic ballasts
  • Balanced spectral output
  • Promotes both flowering and vegetative growth
  • Long life

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