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Bud Factor X

Bud Factor X

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Bud Factor X is a liquid hydroponics bud builder formula that is guaranteed to increase crop yields and essential oil production by stimulating plant defense mechanisms.

The enhanced defense mechanisms will generate a strong healthy plant that will not only survive, but thrive against the negative effects of heat, disease, stress, intense light and pest attack.

The proprietary compounds of Bud Factor X strengthen and enlarge the size of your plants.

It even feeds the growth of beneficial microbes in your plants' root zone. Beneficial microbes create a larger root mass, helping protect plant roots, and provide flower-boosting hormones to increase your plants' ability to quickly absorb nutrients.

When you add Bud Factor X to your existing nutrient regimen, you'll notice an amazing increase in essential oils. Why are essential oils important? They carry the color, flavor, aroma and potency of your plants.

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